OUR NEON SIGNS SHIP FREE! They're triple-boxed to protect the delicate glass tubes.

How We Got Started

Day dreamin', that's how it all started.

Years ago a collection of service station signs began.  Working in the major oil retail arena made it easy to acquire old ad signs when companies made product changes, name changes, or discarded old for new.  Through the years our collection grew and found its way to the backyard fence where it was admired on lazy summer afternoons.  A couple of neon beer signs were hung under the covered patio to add a festive mood at pool parties.  More tins were added with various signage themes such as food, beverage, automotive, and even superheroes!  Everyone enjoys the atmosphere that's been created by displaying all of these signs.

So one afternoon lazing around the pool, admiring all the surrounding decorations, the idea hit and "Them Old Signs" was born.  We began by setting up our booth at street festivals and mixing it up with the locals, meeting new people, and pushing "tin."  We traded street festivals for car shows which is an extremely fun environment and car enthusiasts are always looking for neon signs to cast a soft glow on their babies sitting in their garage or just to hang in man caves, offices, game rooms, or bars.

We still sale tin signs but only at live shows, they're no longer available online due to shipping costs exceeding the product cost.  People still love the tin though and love to browse all the categories and it's not unusual to hear them drift back to yesteryear and say, "Oh wow, I remember this from when I was a kid!"  Lots of enjoyable conversations are had over all of these signs.

We're mighty pleased that you took time to stop by and hope you come back often!

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